In a world where God has abandoned Earth, a divine serial killer emerges, targeting child abusers and America's sex offenders. Detective West, haunted by her past as a victim of human trafficking, is determined to take down a notorious trafficker. However, a more sinister spirit seeks to escalate the culling. Unbeknownst to many, the Fifth Element is the key to humanity's evolution into a Type II Civilization. 

The arch angels, now with free will, possess chosen vessels, including Detective West and Santino, a youth coordinator seeking vengeance. Franklin, a wealthy vengeful sociopath, focuses on reparations and evolution, while the Most Reverend aims to regain control of the powerful country. Meanwhile, the angel Karima seeks to make mankind pay for their unpunished evil acts throughout history and chose Frank, who was raised by dangerous criminals, to carry out her mission.

TV Series

Release: 2025

Cast: TBA

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