submission rules

Submission Guidelines

We accept all maturity ratings except for pornography.  

To be considered for onboarding your content must follow these guidelines:

You must have the right to distribute the content.

Content must be production-quality film, series, music video, or live news media feed. Social media clips such as VLOGS, skits, and posts are not considered production-quality material.

We DO NOT Accept:

Content that overly sexualizes people, pornography, or nudity that exposes genitalia for entertainment.  

DANO Network is not liable for misrepresented content and piracy by content providers. If your content is on our platform without your permission please send a notice to

Video Specifications

A complete Title includes:





Closed Captions

Please submit 1080p or better video quality.

Video Formats The preferred video codecs in decreasing order are:

ProRes 422 HQ

ProRes 422

H.264 (AVC)

Accepted file container formats are:






Sending Your Video

Self-Hosted Video (Preferred)

Provide us with a permanent link to your video hosted on your server. Server examples are AWS S3 with AWS CloudFront, Youtube (without watermark), Rumble, Iframe Embed Code, Vimeo, and Daily Motion.

Large File Transfer

$100 Processing Fee plus monthly hosting fees.

We will provide you with a link to our video upload page where you can upload your video. We will process your video into all formats and prepare it for streaming. Monthly hosting fees pay for the storage of your video and the fees are deducted from your monthly payout.

By Mail

Send a hard drive with your content to us by mail.

Contact us at to arrange the shipment of your film.