Executive Producer Services 

Are you an independent filmmaker looking to bring your vision to life but struggling to secure the necessary funding? Look no further! DANO Network is here to provide you with the tools you need to get your film funded and distributed with the best terms.

Funding Preparation

We understand the importance of reaching a broader market and generating maximum revenue for your film. That's why we go above and beyond by pitching your project to investors and major studios. Our team of experienced professionals will leverage their industry connections and expertise to attract potential backers who are eager to support innovative and captivating independent films like yours.

Comprehensive Pitch Deck

To further support your film's success, we offer a comprehensive pitch deck that showcases your project's unique selling points, market potential, and financial projections. This powerful tool will ensure that your pitch stands out from the crowd, increasing your chances of securing the necessary funding.


But our commitment to your success doesn't stop there. As part of our full-service package, you will have access to executive consultation from industry experts who will guide you through every step of the filmmaking process.  From script development to post-production, our team will be there to provide invaluable insights and advice.


Finally, we understand the importance of assembling the right cast and securing distribution partnerships. That's why we take the initiative to pitch your project to talent agencies for cast attachments, ensuring that your film attracts top-tier talent. Additionally, we will leverage our network to pitch your film to sales agents and distribution partners, guaranteeing that your masterpiece reaches the widest possible audience.

Brand Integration

DANO Network has strong relationships with various brands, making us the ideal partner for brand integration and product placement opportunities. Through strategic collaborations, we can help you secure lucrative partnerships that not only enhance the authenticity of your film but also provide an additional revenue stream.  

"People have the option to skip ads, but when your product is featured in a film, it captivates viewers and immerses them into your brand." - Dano Veal

Executive Producer


Our team has relationships with preferrred distributors, streaming platforms, and theaters. 

At DANO Network, we are passionate about supporting independent filmmakers and bringing their stories to life. With our full-service film production funding services, you can focus on what you do best – creating exceptional cinema – while we handle the financial aspects and industry connections.

Don't let funding constraints hold you back. Contact DANO Network today and let us help you turn your independent film into a cinematic masterpiece!

DIY Package

Elevate your pitch game with our meticulously crafted pitch decks, carefully tailored to impress our esteemed finance partners and investment firms.  This is for the Pitch Deck and financial leads only. 

 Executive Film Production Packaging Services 

Our Executive Film Production Packaging Services offer top talent connections, including an A-list casting director. We provide script development, pitch deck refinement, and expert guidance. Our sales team secures funding for your project. Let us bring your film to life and ensure its success.

I review distribution contracts to ensure they benefit filmmakers and investors. I advocate for updated terms, challenging outdated industry standards. Our approach is ahead of the curve in an evolving film industry. - Dano Veal